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BREAKING NEWS! Record Utility Increases in San Diego, Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Dallas TX, Tampa FL, Phoenix AZ! LEARN MORENew Year: More Record Rate Increases Across America
BREAKING NEWS! Record Utility Increases in San Diego, Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Dallas TX, Tampa FL, Phoenix AZ! LEARN MORENew Year: More Record Rate Increases Across America
BREAKING NEWS! Record Utility Increases in San Diego, Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Dallas TX, Tampa FL, Phoenix AZ! LEARN MORENew Year: More Record Rate Increases Across America
BREAKING NEWS! The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended!
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Solar Battery Backup

Solar power batteries are a necessary addition to solar panels due to frequent power outages in Arizona. Your solar panels disconnect from the grid during a power outage unless you have battery storage. Additional storage allows you to use your stored electricity whenever you need it without interruption. Free yourself from reliance on the grid and be ready for emergencies with solar battery backup storage from Semper Solaris.

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What is better than Solar Power in Arizona?

Solar backup batteries paired with your solar panels give you more ways to use your solar energy. Solar panels generate power during the day when the sun is shining. Excess energy goes back to the grid through Net metering. You get credits for the kilowatt-hours on your bill. Then you pull electricity from the grid at night. During a power outage, your solar panels disconnect from the grid, leaving you in the dark.
Solar panels generate electricity during the day. A storage battery stores power from your solar panels for later. In a power outage, your battery disconnects from the grid and seamlessly continues to store energy and provide electricity at night. You can reduce dependence on the grid, protect your home during an outage, manage your electricity, and power your home 24/7.

The Enphase Encharge uses a one-of-a-kind microinverter system that places multiple microinverters in every battery, assuring there is no single point of failure. That means the power flows and the lights stay on when you need them the most.

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Enphase Battery Storage Tampa Florida

Tesla Powerwall is THE solar battery, created by the very engineers who brought you the iconic electric vehicle. Powerwall is capable of storing around 13.5 kWh of energy charged directly by excess solar energy produced by your solar system.

Tesla Battery Storage in Tampa Florida


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What to expect when Installing your new Battery Storage

Why Should I Add a Battery? Won't My Solar Panels Be Enough?

Whether a solar backup battery is worth it depends on why you want one. Some folks like the idea of paying nothing to the power company, and even making a little profit from stored energy. And if its energy independence you want, a solar battery will set you free. But most people want the battery backup power for emergencies. As far as solar panels alone working through outages, solar panels without a battery are required to shut down for the safety of the power grid

So, without a backup, you will be without electricity for the duration of the outage. If you have a battery backup, there is no power interruption. Your solar battery kicks in, and you will hardly notice. A power outage in Arizona lasts an average of three days. Whereas, in a disaster, it can last for weeks. With so many power interruptions from unpredictable harsh weather, wouldn't it be better to be prepared with a solar backup battery?

What Kind of Battery Do I Need for My Home?

The right battery for your system will depend upon a few calculations to determine the size of your battery. We take into consideration the capacity of the solar panels, your average energy use, and how you intend to use the battery storage. Will you want your whole home or only essential circuits to run, like your refrigerator, air conditioning, and other appliances that may be critical?

We use state of the art, lithium-ion smart solar batteries from Tesla and Enphase, the top manufacturers of high-quality home solar batteries. Inferior or faulty batteries can have overheating issues and be a safety concern. Our solar batteries are installed by technicians trained and certified for the installation of our solar batteries. You can be sure that your system is set up correctly, checked, and double checked. And you will have secure backup power and independence from your utility company.

Whole Home vs Partial Home Power Backup

When we evaluate your home for solar panels and battery backup storage, we will help you decide how to structure your system. You can have a whole house backup which runs everything in your house during an outage. Or you can choose a partial house backup that powers only your critical circuits during an outage, like your refrigerator, lights, etc.

A whole house system is more costly because you will need more than one battery. A partial backup gives you what you really need at a lower cost. Whether it is a whole house or partial back up, we need to know the size and number of circuits you need to power, and how long you need the battery power. Outages lasting longer than three days is not something we can predict so we prepare for the longer haul.

Semper Solaris: We're Here to Back You Up

With Semper Solaris, you can have a secure, quiet, and affordable solar battery storage so you can manage your home during a blackout. Access to information and communication are critical in an emergency of any kind. And alongside preparation for an outage and keeping the lights on, preparing for the unknown with food, water, and medicine, is an important part of staying safe. And sometimes that could mean survival. The safety of our customers is priority for us. We are only a phone call away and are here to support your solar journey.

Battery Storage Questions

Battery storage consists of a device that reserves energy for later consumption that is charged by a connected solar system.

Having a solar battery storage system can help control the amount of energy you use during peak-hours. It can store the extra energy generated from your solar panels during the day for you to use at more expensive rate times.

At Semper Solaris, we carry Tesla Powerwall, and introducing the cutting-edge Enphase battery series. Both solar batteries are designed to store energy to be used at your discretion whenever necessary. Though, each solar battery does have its own unique qualities for storage. So call today and ask your sales rep which solar battery storage is right for your home.

The electricity that is stored in your battery is consumed after sundown, during energy demand peaks, or during a power outage. The battery will continue to power your home despite the lack of energy from the electric company.

If you have an existing solar panel system and you don't currently have a battery, one of the great things you can do with the Tesla Powerwall is you can install two or more power walls and do what's called whole-home backup.

When you do a whole home back up what we do is we take all the circuits in your existing main service panel and we move it to a dedicated sub-panel. We then install your gateway and what will happen is that if the power goes out all the circuits in your home will be backed up, which means that you can run anything in your home on the powerwalls for as long as the powerwalls have power.

If you only have one Tesla Powerwall we can do what's called a partial home backup. We would take certain circuits out of your main service panel and put it into a dedicated load center. Whenever the power would go out that power wall would then power those dedicated circuits.

Typical circuits that people backup would be refrigerators, deep freezes, maybe basic lights in the bathroom or the kitchen, alarm systems, internet, computer or entertainment systems.

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